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Frequently Asked Questions

RaceTrade.comFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A page dedicated to commonly asked questions on RaceTrade.com. Learn more about site features, listing durations, and other frequently asked questions like this:

How much does it cost to feature a vehicle listing on RaceTrade.com?

Search through the Q & A’s below for answers to our most common questions and send us a message with your unanswered questions on our contact page.

You can list your car for free on RaceTrade.com. Create a free listing for cars, parts and everything in between. Free listings can be upgraded at anytime to a feature listing. There are no caps on listings and no expiration.

RaceTrade.com has no listing closing fees. List your items and services on RaceTrade without any additional charges!

RaceTrade.com service listings allow RaceTrade users to showcase their hobby, business, or professional services within the realms of automotive, motorsports, and related fields. It serves as an effective advertisement platform, enabling individuals and businesses to reach a wider audience.

With a service listing, you can effectively highlight and promote your unique set of services or business offerings to potential customers and enthusiasts alike. Through engaging descriptions, captivating photos, and compelling YouTube and Vimeo videos, you can present a comprehensive overview of what makes your services exceptional.

Example types of service listings:

  • auto repair shop
  • exotic car rentals
  • custom automotive lighting
  • training facilities
  • offroad tour guide

Whether you’re an automotive repair shop looking to attract more clients or a motorsports enthusiast offering specialized services, our service listings offer an unparalleled opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Emphasize your expertise, passion, and dedication to your craft, and let your listing do the talking, drawing in interested parties who share your interests or seek the solutions you provide.

A BumbUp is a feature available to Featured Parts & Vehicle listings and Service listings that will bring/reset your listing post back to the top order of results. There is a fee of $5 per BumpUp to enact this feature.

Credit cards, mostly the main ones. PayPal, and some crypto options. Let us know if we are missing anything.

For sure. You can use the ‘Other’ location, temporarily though we only accept US payments at this time. We currently serve the United States market while the site is being built. Please send us feedback, let us know where we should go next.

Consider your privacy by reviewing the following items.

  • Do not list your private addresses. Use City & State
  • Hide email address in profile
    • Profile Email Display On Settings
    • Profile Email Display Off Settings
  • Use alias in your username, instead of your real or full name
  • Report scams to us at our contact us page

RaceTrade.com is a premier online marketplace for everything with wheels or a motor. Here are some of the items you can list on our platform:

  • Race cars: Whether you’re selling a dragster, a touring car, or a rally car, RaceTrade.com is the perfect place to find a buyer.
  • Street cars & classic cars: If you have a high-performance street car or show car that you’re looking to sell, RaceTrade.com is the ideal platform. Our users are passionate about cars and are always looking for their next ride.
  • Parts & gear: From engines and transmissions to wheels and tires, RaceTrade.com is the go-to destination for automotive parts and gear. Whether you’re selling new aftermarket or used OEM parts, you’ll find a market for them on our platform.
  • Other items: RaceTrade.com is not just a place for cars and parts. We also offer a range of other items including trailers, boats, golf carts, ATV’s, and more.
  • Memorabilia: If you have racing memorabilia that you’re looking to sell, such as autographed photos, posters, or race programs, RaceTrade.com is the perfect platform to find buyers who share your passion for racing.
  • Services: If you provide a service related to the automotive industry, such as tuning, fabrication, or racing coaching, you can list your services on RaceTrade.com to find customers.

The ‘Send Offer‘ feature is a messaging option that facilitates negotiations between buyers and sellers interested in a listing. Similar to ‘Send Message’, a ‘Send Offer’ message allows users to include a dollar amount offer in the message. It is an optional feature designed to streamline the negotiation process.

screenshot of send offer message example

eBay listings that appear on RaceTrade.com are a part of the eBay Partner Network and we may earn a commission if you click a listing/link and make a purchase.

Rest assured, this won’t incur any additional costs or fees for you compared to finding the eBay listings directly on eBay. The commissions we earn are standard referral commissions. The commissions we earn from this network play a crucial role in keeping RaceTrade free and enhancing our services to offer you even better experiences.

RaceTrade.com has bulk import options available for high-volume users and dealerships. Currently, bulk import is limited to pre-approved users. Please contact us to learn more and discuss options to suit your needs.

Yes. We’re generally not into “rules” but some people ruin it for the rest of us. Penalties range from a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’ to outright banning, at our discretion, per the terms of use.

  1. Use accurate listing types and categories for your listings.
  2. Use real photos and videos instead of stock images.
  3. Do not be a jerk. We’ll make some exceptions.
  4. Do not list other peoples items without their consent.
  5. Do not list anything illegal, or advertise any illegal activities.
  6. Do no list pornography. Do not upload photos containing naked women (or people in general), or highly exposed breasts, butts, or other nudity.
  7. Do not include children in listing images. All children must be cropped out or blurred beyond recognition. No exceptions.
  8. Do not participate in any onsite activities that will undermine the integrity or functionality of the racetrade.com application. Contact us if you have a problem with the site.

RaceTrade.com is supposed to be a great place to find, buy, and sell all things racing. Let’s keep it that way by focusing on racing.

This paragraph serves no purpose. It is here to round out the text on this page. At RaceTrade.com we like to keep our word count low just like our ¼ mile time 🏎️