RaceTrade.com Rendezvous – Episode 1

RaceTrade biweekly featured car listings from across the internet  РWeek #1

Welcome, car enthusiasts, to the first week in the RaceTrade Rendezvous series! The RaceTrade Rendezvous is a biweekly roundup of sweet rides for sale, and today we have an incredible lineup of nine remarkable cars for sale this week.

  1. 2022 Maserati MC20
  2. 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
  3. 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Restomod
  4. 2022 Ford F-250 Megarexx
  5. 1992 Chevrolet Corvette Batmobile Replica
  6. 1996 Chevrolet Custom Batmobile Replica
  7. 2017 Acura NSX SH AWD
  8. 1996 Dodge Viper GTS
  9. 1968 Dodge Charger R/T
  10. 1987 Buick Grand National

2022 Maserati MC20

Car 1: Our first car, from Earth MotorCars at www.earthmotorcars.com, is an absolute stunner. It’s the 2022 Maserati MC20 with a sleek and captivating carbon fiber exterior. This beauty combines power and elegance, making it a true head-turner on the road.

With its advanced technology and impeccable craftsmanship, the MC20 offers a driving experience like no other.

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Car 2: Next up, we have a classic, from Survivor Classic Car Services at www.survivor-cars.com, that never goes out of style, the 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. This iconic American muscle car exudes power and nostalgia. It’s a timeless symbol of automotive excellence.

This Chevelle SS is a collector’s dream and a true testament to Chevrolet’s automotive legacy.

1949 Chevrolet 3100 Restomod

Car 3: Now, let’s take a trip back in time with the 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Restomod from Streetside Classics of Phoenix at www.streetsideclassics.com. This incredible vehicle combines the vintage charm of the ’40s with modern performance and comfort.

Whether you’re cruising down the highway or showcasing it at car shows, the 3100 Restomod is sure to captivate enthusiasts with its unique blend of classic design and modern features.

2022 Ford F-250 Megarexx

Car 4: Brace yourselves for the beastly 2022 Ford F 250 Megarexx over at Streetside Classics of Tampa at www.streetsideclassics.com. This offroad monster is built to conquer any terrain with its rugged exterior and unparalleled capabilities.

With its towering presence and exceptional performance, the Megarexx is the ultimate choice for those seeking adventure and dominance on and off the road.

1992 Chevrolet Corvette Batmobile Replica

Car 5 a: Now, get ready for a double dose of superhero nostalgia. We have not one, but two incredible Batmobile replicas: the 1992 Chevrolet Corvette Batmobile Replica

1996 Chevrolet Custom Batmobile Replica

Car 5 b: and the 1996 Chevrolet Custom Batmobile Replica. Both vehicles are at auction at Mecum Auto Auction, Kissimmee Summer Special event, at mecum.com

These extraordinary vehicles pay homage to the legendary crime-fighting Caped Crusader. They’re sure to ignite your imagination and transport you straight into the world of Gotham City.

2017 Acura NSX SH AWS

Car 6: Moving on, we have a modern marvel of engineering, the 2017 Acura NSX SH AWD Sport Hybrid from NXCESS MOTORCARS at www.nxcessmotorcars.com. This supercar combines stunning design with electrifying performance, thanks to its hybrid powertrain.

With its advanced technology and precision handling, the NSX delivers an exhilarating driving experience that’s both eco friendly and adrenaline pumping.

1996 Dodge Viper GTS

Car 7: Get ready to unleash the beast with the 1996 Dodge Viper GTS. This iconic American sports car is known for its aggressive styling and blistering performance. Check this amazing car at Rods & Classics at rods-classics.com.

With its V10 engine and jaw dropping acceleration, the Viper GTS offers a pure adrenaline rush that’s hard to match. It’s a true testament to American automotive muscle.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T

Car 8: Classic car enthusiasts, this one’s for you. From Smoky Mountain Traders at www.smokymountaintraders.com. Feast your eyes on the 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, a timeless symbol of American automotive design and power.

With its muscular stance and unmistakable presence, the Charger R/T is a true legend on the road. It’s a classic that demands attention wherever it goes.

1987 Buick Grand National

Car 9: Last but certainly not least, High Octane Classics at www.highoctaneclassics.com has the 1987 Buick Grand National for sale. This turbocharged masterpiece took the ’80s by storm, earning its reputation as one of the fastest American cars of its time.

With its sleek black exterior and potent performance, the Grand National is a symbol of automotive excellence that captures the spirit of an era.

The RaceTrade Rendezvous Recap

These nine incredible cars for sale this week represent the pinnacle of automotive engineering, style, and performance. Did you like these vehicles? Let us know what you think, and recommend vehicles for our next recap.